Description and Introduction –

Social entrepreneurship is espousing a serious social issue and solving it with an innovative solution. Social entrepreneurs are people who are fervent and determined about their purpose and possess a very high level of motivation. They are visionaries who aspire to bring in positive change to adverse social realities. Social entrepreneurs are known to be great recruiters who influence people with their ideas and make them identify a need for change. Mobilizing others for working together to bring in change is the key trait of a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs function with the objective of changing the face of the society. They operate in field like health, sanitation, education or others which demand development. There are people even who work on bringing about change in the modern innovations because their impact has been detrimental to human life. Some social entrepreneurs also work for improving systems, achieving new solutions and establishing fair practices.

Types of Careers in the fields –

NGO’s, Social Service in any way.

Study Hierarchy –

PathsStreamsGraduationAfter GraduationAfter Post Graduation
Path 1Clear Class XII in any interested fieldBachelor’s degreeMaster’s degree

Best College


Renowned Person – Chenta Vijay Sinha

Sinha is the founder of Mann Deshi Manila Sahakari Bank, a dedicated bank that aims to provide financial support to rural women.

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