Description and Introduction –

Medical science aimed at improving basic human health. They often use medical trials and different investigative methods to reach their findings. Medical science study includes the causes of diseases and other health problems. A medical scientist may work with licensed physicians to test the new combination on patients who are willing to participate in the study. Medical scientists typically specialize in a place of research inside the huge vicinity of understanding and enhancing human health. Medical scientists may engage in primary and translational lookup that seeks to enhance the grasp of, or techniques for, improving health. They may also additionally pick to engage in scientific lookup that studies specific experimental treatments.

Types of Careers in the Fields –

Agricultural and Food Scientist, Biochemists or Biophysicists, Microbiologists, Physicians, Surgeons.

Study Hierarchy –

PathsStreamGraduationAfter GraduationAfter Post Graduation
Path 1Clear Class XII in Science
Stream – Biology (Recommended)
MBBSWork Experience
Path 2Clear Class XII in Science
Stream – Biology (Recommended)
MBBSResearch Work
in particular area

Best College –

SRM Medical College and Research CentreChennaiwww.shiksha.com/college/srm-medical-college-hospital-and-research-centre-chennai-63159
SOA UniversityBhubaneswarwww.shiksha.com/university/soa-siksha-o-anusandhan-university-bhubaneswar-38037

Renowned Person – Frederick Banting

Frederick Banting was a Canadian medical scientist and physician. In 1923, Banting and Scottish biochemist John James Rickard Macleod received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of insulin and its therapeutic potential. Aged 32 at that time, Banting remains the youngest Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine. He was knighted by King George V in 1934.

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